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Photo Gallery

Below are images submitted by students and amateur astronomers!

Here are some beautifiul images contributed by The Bjorklund Family, Huachuca City, AZ, using a Celestron NexStar 6 SE w/Celestron NexImage CCD. Image Processing using: Registax4 (registax.astronomy.net) and GIMP (gimp.org)

Here's a very nice image of Saturn taken by The Bjorklund's

Here's a superb image of Jupiter, (another great image provided by the Bjorklunds)

Here's another great shot of Jupiter on 25 May, 2007

Below is a great shot of Saturn, 11 March, 2007


Another great view of Saturn from 31 December, 2006

Here's a great view of Jupiter and three of it's moons... Io, Europa, and Callisto, 19 May 2007 

Here's a beautiful image of Earth's moon taken 31 December, 2006