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Real-Time Data  [help][faq]

The gauges and displays below depict the real-time data feeds available on the Geomagnetic Observatory Network (GON)

[This Page Updates Dynamically every 5 Minutes] [Solar Wind Data Courtesy ACE]



Cool Terms [all cool terms]
  • Real-time (RT) - the ability of a network or system to function and control processes within 10 minutes of occurring
  • Astronomical Unit (AU) - The distance from the Earth to the Sun (averaged); 1 AU is 149,597,870 kilometers (92,960,116 miles).
  • Solar Wind - A massive expulsion of gas and energy consisting of charged particles, mostly protons and electrons [plasma] steaming from the Sun. (Average solar wind velocities are approximately 390 kilometers per second).
  • Solar Prominence - An eruption of hot gases above the photosphere of the Sun (seen in the sun's photosphere).