TerraMagnetoScope The Global Sensor Network Analysis Tool

Single Site Sensor Reports

These reports detail the environment surrounding each magnetic sensor site. Much of the data is provided by the site owners. Become a site owner Today!

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  • GER MUC [Germany]
  • GBR CLV  [UK]
  • USA FHU  [U.S. Arizona]
  • USA WLO [U.S. Alabama]
  • NZL NGU  [New Zealand]
  • NZL SLV  [New Zealand]
  • USA DAL [U.S. Texas]



Courtesy of NASA This image illustrates how the particles emitted by the Sun (Solar Wind) are repelled and deflected by the earth's geomagnetic field.

The earth's geomagnetic field protects life on earth From these harmful solar particle emissions.